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MobinetMaps is a solution that will help you create an easy & effective mobile client communication channel. It has been designed with shopping malls, stores, cities and resorts in mind. The system will help you develop mobile applications that will provide their users with information on offers, bargains, events and the facilities themselves.

MobinetMaps is a system of unique quality interactive maps as well as a voucher and loyalty scheme. It sends alerts and creates competitions. What is more, with our In application shopping solution, your goods can be bought immediately. You can manage content in the application by using a simple and intuitive CMS.


Interactive maps

The interactive Mobinet maps offer facilities in unique quality. This will help your client find a store they are interested in. You can have fully 3Dmaps, 2,5D maps (izometric) or geooriented 2D maps wich will assist your clients while in the venue.



The beacon is a small, wireless device which can be placed in a physical space and it broadcasts tiny radio signals around itself. Smartphones that are in range are able to ‘hear’ these signals and estimate their location very precisely, as well as communicate with the beacon to exchange data and information.Yeah, revolution of “Internet of Things” has just bagun!



With our map system you can easliy find your way in a shop center. You would only need to select two shops from the list0 first one that is close to you and the second one that you want to go to. You can do this from the list or on nthe map. Our system will show you the fastes way to achieve your destination.



With our voucher scheme and mobile loyalty scheme, you can greatly increase client engagement. Since you have the ability to reach your client with information directly and help them redeem their vouchers and e.g. collect points, our mobile scheme offers you unprecedented conversion rate performance compared to traditional solutions.



Push messaging system can increade application oppening by 500% and is great solution to inform and invite your costumers to your venue. For airports there is solution for autmatic passangers’ information about their flight status change.



Gametition will give you unlimited options for creating marketing tools that will engage your clients. Once your clients have carried out their planned activities, they will be more engaged. It is also fun, so they will be more loyal to your brand. This unprecedented formula combing fun and Augmented Reality is an extra bonus. Brand impact is increased even further because you can connect to social networking sites.


Special offers

Creation and delivery information about specia offer, sale or any event never have been so easy and effective. It will be available to your customers right away and will increase their brand engagement.


Easy CMS

All operations related with content delivery and promotional campaign management or sending info to clients can be carried out with the use of an easy and intuitive CMS. Application users can immediately see all new changes.

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